Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Text Sext Party

We're trying to figure out where the texts go when they fly out into the atmosphere and don't seem to make it to their destination for hours or even days later. With a little investigation we found the answer!

We immediately figured that the texts are going to a party. Probably something sultry and suggestive, yet fun and bubbly. I mean why not right? What else could they possibly be doing? Imagine a place where all your texts filter through. It's like Grand Central Station for texts. Everyone has to go through there so obviously you're going to make friends and from there probably learn about all the hot spots. So we're pretty sure that the texts find out about some place where the spanking sexts are hanging out or the where the barely legal party pics are having a get together and poof! Off your text goes for a few hours, or even a steamy night away, not to be delivered to your phone until they get their fill in the nether regions of cyberspace.

So next time your text, sext, or text pic doesn't make it directly to the person you sent it to, you now know that it probably took a detour at Jane Doe's sleepover party complete with naked feather pillow fight before it got to where it's going. So make sure you clean your phone when you get late texts and for good health you probably want to wash your hands as well.

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