Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Stranger

A stranger is defined as "One who is neither a friend or acquaintence". The good part is our stranger doesn't have to be some creepy man lurking in the shadows... unless of course that's what your in to. We have a much more fun and blood depriving definition.

A stranger is: Make your hand fall asleep and masturbate... Yep. That's what we learned when looking up random sex acts. The idea is that you numb hand will feel like someone else doing your business. What we've discovered (through pure accident of course) is that when your hand actually falls asleep that it has no grip and little control. So what you would get is a sloppy and weird experience that has the potential to be more painful for your hand than it would be fun for anything else. Of course we encourage anyone to share their experiences with The Stranger. So all comments on the subject are welcome.

Here at randomness we like to share how words and phrases infiltrate our vocabulary (of course feel free to use anything we've warped for yourself). We've been using the phrase "Ack! I have a stranger!!" when any limb falls asleep. So, confuse your friends and make them laugh he next time your arm gets all tingly.

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